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Choosing the performing arts as a career choice was an easy yes as a child. It's my passion something I enjoy doing; it's never felt like work. However going through auditions, getting cut, the harsh criticism, feeling alone... I could go on. Be that as it may, when you love what you do, you're able to brush that off.

Keep trying

The goal is to keep trying, not stop, never doubt yourself, and focus on what makes you happy. Take in criticism like a grain of salt. I always thought I had to work on EVERY single critique I was given. WRONG! That is only that one persons opinion of me, and what they think I have to do to advance in my career. Once I was able to breathe and let it go, I focused on myself and what I wanted to do within the dance world.

My dance career does not out weigh my acting career, however the people I have met within the arts community have been amazingly wonderful and the stories shared are so comparable. Everyone goes through harsh criticism. Everyone cries. Everyone doubts themselves. It happens. It's up to YOU to make your life, your career, your dreams, and goals, happen.


It takes time, and a lot of energy, but mostly time. To see the progression take place, during this time it is harder to start off with a dance career as an option but there are so many resources and guides that you can follow, I absolutely love the website it offers so many services for dancers, choreographers, and artists.

There are plenty of ways to showcase your talents, go easy on yourself, I am sure we as a community can stick together and share our stories!

If you have any dance stories you'd like to share please comment below! I'd love to read them <3

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