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Pride and culture

Intermediate level dancers were a part of the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Newark NJ. AMB Dance Theatre collaborated with the Smiling David's Dance Studio salsa dancers to put on a wonderful showcase of cultural pride.

The dancers rehearsed for several weeks to create the perfect representation for the parade. It really takes a village to bring to life one simple thought. The dancers were tired, worn out, and still had to go home after 9pm to finish their homework. As a professional dancer, and their mentor, I had to let them know that this was only the beginning.

There will be a lot of hard days, sleepless nights, and "hangry" moments. It is all a part of being a dancer! This is where the passion comes in!

The parade was a vibe! To quote an AMB Dance Mom, Ildi! It was a wonderful summer day with so many people ready to celebrate and party! The dance moms and dancers walked along Bloomfield Ave in Newark, and performed at the grand finale stage on Lake St.

After the parade, everyone went to Branch Brook Park, to watch more entertainers. AMB Dance Theatre and Smiling David Salsa dancers performed again on the grand stage in front of close to 200 people!

The AMB Dancers were interviewed by The LDM Show from Bronx NY, and will perform for them again in NYC!

Working with the Smiling David dancers and choreographer Ivy was a great marriage. AMB and Smiling David Studio really worked well together; the connection, communication, the vibe, and the sisterhood between two female choreographers was powerful!

If you were not present for the parade, take a look at the second episode of D.I.A second episode on AMB Dance Theatre Youtube channel.

The dancers will showcase this piece again! Stay tuned and updated by becoming an AMB Dance Theatre member!

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