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Our Acting Training

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AMB classes are designed for children ages 5-17.  Broken down into groups. Each style of dance is only $50 a month. AMB offers: Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Acro, Technique and Model coaching. 

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Dance workshops are provided in the summer as a two week intensive, broken down by age group. Followed by an audition and a showcase.  The workshops are from 9am-3pm.

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Private Coaching

Private lessons are available in all genres including ballroom dance, wedding choreography, and sweet 15-16 rehearsals.


Our Studio

AMB Dance Theatre is located in Newark NJ. The owner and director Alicia Marie Blanks wanted to provide an affordable environment for dancers young and old.


Classes are only $50 a month, and taught by the director herself who has a massive vocabulary for the arts.


Join the AMB Dance Theatre family and learn how to dance, have passion, and feel confident within yourself as an artist.  

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1299 McCarter Highway

Newark NJ 07104


Tel: 973-668-6724