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What does my child need to bring for class?

All dance students are required to purchase a uniform. Leotard, tights, and appropriate shoes. The AMB uniform can be purchased in the office, or on the website by clicking on this link

What is the tuition?

Tuition starts at $135 per month for two classes.  We are one of the most feasible dance schools when it comes to tuition. 

2 classes $135 per month  3 classes $155 per month.

When can my daughter or son move on to a more advanced level?

AMB evaluates each student to make sure their ability is up to par with the current class they are in.  If the student understands the proper terminology, shows classroom etiquette, discipline, and strength. A meeting with parents and AMB will be the next step to discuss moving up to a new level of training.



I am running late should I still bring my child to class?



Absolutely! 5 minutes late jump in for the warm up, 10 minutes late stretch on the side until you are ready to join in, 15 minutes late will result in a sit down class.  

Where the student will take notes and observe the class. AMB does not want anyone to get injured due to tardiness, this is a safe way to still be a part of the class. 



I left my dance shoes at home... what should I do?


The first time this happens will be a warning. The second will result in a sit down observing class and taking notes. 



When is tuition due? Can I pay for a full year?


Tuition is always due at the first of the month.  Not the first day you have class for that month.  A late fee of $20 will be added to your tuition. 

Absolutely you can pay for the full year.  If any state wide emergency were to happen, a refund for the remaining months not in session will be refunded. 


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