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Welcome to the AMB blog!

Welcome dancers! I have decided to create a blog specifically focused on dance, health and wellness within my community. Here you will find blog posts about my career as a dancer, helpful tips, dance guides, and videos.

I hope you find these blog posts helpful and can learn from them! To keep up to date on the blog subscribe to this site for special notifications!

Dance like no one is watching!

Well... someone might be! But that's ok! Enjoy your moment of dancing; dance is a part of life that everyone should have the chance to enjoy! Dance has a beautiful history, why not share it and be amazed at how your own body can take shape and create.

Wellness and Health

Wellness and health go hand in hand. Be patient with yourself. Becoming the best dancer YOU can be takes time. Don't try to rush your process, enjoy the ride. You have to make sure that your mental health matches your well being. Never come into a classroom with negative energy. Welcome the space and thank it for what will happen within that time.

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