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My Soup’s Leekin…

This soup is the best soup.

It started off as an idea, due to my gluten allergy. #panerabread didn't have a gluten free option. Every time the soup is made, it tastes different. We use other ingredients, instead of potatoes we use rice, or beef sausage. That's one thing about soup, you can have fun and experiment. But you have to eat it.

I can eat yellow, and red potatoes, and I really love leeks. We decided to marry the two, and create the best from scratch soup there is... well, to us. (That's what matters)

Cut it up!

Anything can go into a soup... Almost. In this leek soup we used peppers, chicken sausage, red skinned potatoes and leeks ;)

We used four peppers, eight peppers, a bundle of leeks, and 6 chicken sausages.

Cut up your peppers how ever you'd cut your peppers. If you like the skin on your potatoes, by all means, save yourself the time, but if not peel and chop.

Sauté the sausages until cooked, and chop it up!

Soup making should be fun! Listen to #Earth,Wind,AndFire

Add all of the seasonings you can think of, that you like to cook with.

We add adobo, pepper, salt, jadin, paprika, ginger, and parsley. We used 16 cups of water for the soup, along with a full container of chicken broth, and one garlic cube.

My produce shopping go to is #WholeFoods and #ShopRite. Shop Rite has been a apart of my family for years, I never go wrong with a good Shop Rite run. Whole Foods has more variety when it comes to #glutenfree options. It's a lifestyle now, and Whole Foods cateres to that need.

It all goes together... like soup.

Put the lid on top of the pot, and let the soup take a little nap for about 2.5 hours.

Put on a movie, relax... but don't burn the soup! Oh yea, that's a thing.

Once the potatoes are soft, and your entire house smells like leek soup. (When you know you'll know) The soup is done!

I like to add cheese to my soup gives it an extra kick. Try it with crackers, garlic bread, you name it!


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