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5678 Audition

Some of the AMB dancers auditioned for the Instagram Reel dance Audition. I wanted the feel and look to be exactly like an audition. Every dancer received a number, the choreography was shown twice, there were cuts for each dance. It was official.

Yes the aspect of an audition is to have fun, however it is another form of an interview. You have to show up and be the best for the job. What makes you stand out from the dancer next to you? Passion? Confidence? What makes you unique?

I asked the girls how they felt through out the process, majority said it felt very competitive. Some said they had to dance harder to feel noticed, others were really excited about a new learning experience.

Overall the dancers understood the assignment. The results of who will be featured in each dance reel have not been announced yet! I honestly have to say I am proud of what the girls accomplished, and to see how quickly they adapted to learning a new skill! Excellent job!

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