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Choreography brain

I've created over 200 dances for recitals, since graduating college. Every time I hear a song on the radio and my foot begins to tap... instantly a dance comes to my mind. I am always creating movement. It's my in DNA. My grandmother was an artist, she created masterpieces, as a seamstress. People really asked me, my mother, and my mummer (that's what I called her) if my outfits were store bought. NOPE! It was the real deal. Her creations with different fabrics and colors, and watching PBS station, learning about the Nutcracker is what set off my passion to choreograph.

For this season of dance, my recital is on June 8th and to me, June 8th is about 2 months away. (dance math) I have 22 dances to create and a huge finale ending. It's 15 minutes long. No... I'm not an over achiever... where would you get an idea like that!

In the past I would create as I would teach, which would lead to a lot of miscommunication, and confusion. This season I've been recording myself as much as a paparazzi media person. Funny thing is, the hard part is watching the videos. I've never been one to enjoy watching myself or critiquing my own work... until now. I'm getting really comfortable with appreciating how I move and the direction my work is going.

Half way through creating this seasons dances! My strategies have worked very well, I feel more confident when I am teaching, and the classes go by so fast, we have a blast at AMB.

Step 1 listen to the music.

I have to like the song. If I can't groove with the tune I wont be able to choreograph a dance. This season, I asked my mommy for help. She chose some really cool songs!

Step 2 record record record.

Once I find a song, I record my improv, and look back to see what movement I feel flows with the song. I also think about the level of my students, while improvising, so that the movement will can be comfortable and challenging.

Step 3 What is the story behind the song.

I am an actress, and dancers play characters all the time. By creating a background for my dancers, it helps create a certain mindset when they're dancing.

Step 4 Why am I choosing this song.

Cuz I like it! No honestly, I go through a set of rules for my music choices. (that'll be another blog post)

Step 5 Share the vision with my dancers.

Creating the background is one thing, but by giving each dancer a character, or stepping into their world of what they enjoy, creates an entirely different dance. If you remember Kim Possible, I loved that show, each of my dancers created their own version of a mini spy or super hero. They have outfits, and gadgets, everything. So when the song comes on, their minds and bodies instantly think SPY. (it's so cool to watch)

Step 6 Including my dancers choreography in the dances.

Working smarter not harder, as I like to call it. By the dancers being mini choreographers it keeps them engaged in the dance, they listen to the music more, and remember the choreography faster.

Step 7 Motivate my dancers throughout the learning process.

Positive reinforcement is a must at AMB. Building a strong team takes positive energy.

Step 8 Rehearse how you want to perform.

One of my sayings at my school. Always go 110% during rehearsal. We rehearse for months for 3 minutes on stage. Don't let one noodle arm get in your way.

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