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Dancers In Action

I have thought long and hard about creating a series dedicated to dancers and their lives. Knowing that, I have to edit, and edit, and edit, and create, and more editing. But if that is what it takes to showcase creativity, confidence, and growth, so be it.

Dancers In Action was something that I wrote down in a journal a few years ago (pre covid). It was for a senior company, as they go off to different sites, to teach, express, and perform. Why can't that be done for younger dancers? So! Here it is! Dancers In Action. An AMB Dance Theatre Youtube series dedicated to dancers, their lives, their feelings, and their growth.

This first video is of AMB Dancer Iliana, this is her first year as an AMB Dancer. She is also the reigning Miss Newark USA Preteen 2021. Iliana is a performer, a hard worker, and never gives up. Working with her is so much fun, she really takes every correction and makes it her own.

Take a look at what to expect in the world of Dancers in Action.

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