Choreography break down

I've been choreographing dancers since I was 7 years old. I have so many journal of me jotting down where my arm goes and how to count the music.

You can ay that I am a born choreographer. I can listen to any song and instantly a dance can form in my mind.

As I've gotten older and more knowledgeable about dance I still find that writing down movement is much more affective to how I break down my creations.

I have tried recording steps that I do and then watch it to then change the movement. So recording always brings me back to square one.

I also find that creating work for shows is much more fun and enjoyable to do rather than choreograph for myself. I don't know why! It's funny, but I absolutely love it. Working on recitals or small gallery showings, even commercial shoots I get a thrill! Mainly due to having more dancers be a part of the work, I can see my master piece come to life. While on the other hand performing solo I feel the energy within me... but I'd love to be in the audience watching myself dance. I am a very internal dancer.

The process usually starts off with finding the right song, then on to how I move to the beat, and finally I always say...

"I can dance to this"

And the choreography process begins! Most of my movements are big and large I feel that I have to make up for my tiny stature. However I am finding that small movements are just as powerful as a high battement!

Working with my dance students, I choreograph based on their level of technique. It's only been a month and I have seen such amazing progress with my students! I can tell that all of them want to be amazingly great starting NOW. But that always takes time, enjoy the transformation of becoming the best dancer you can be!

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