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That's a wrap!

Wow! What a crazy intense, yet amazing year! Opening the dance studio in Belleville NJ was a blessing. From meeting the Mayor, and the Deputy - Mayor, and the city and other business owners welcoming us with open arms, was so heart warming.

The open house last year in 2021 of September was the best ever! Being reunited with former dancers, and getting to know new members of AMB is always a good time.

The winter showcase was the first time we decided to focus on a winter performance, and it turned out to be so cool!! Even Santa came!

This was the fourth annual recital. The 5th showcase... already in the works. Is going to be AMAZING. Yes there were a few bumps in the road for the fourth annual show, however we always pull through for our dancers to make sure they shine, no matter what!

This was the greatest show! (Pun intended) Here are the links to photos and videos!

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