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Transition thru Covid

I didn't think it was real. Putting that out there. During March 2020 the studio was getting busy... more activities, more students, everything was a good flow. Good Vibes! And then the shut down... and then not being able to go outside.... I got a kitten! And I was still inside... I wasn't dancing, I watched a lot of Netflix. (A lot). The pandemic hasn't been fun. As a studio owner. It. Has. Not. Been. Fun.

However! I was able to focus on ME for a change. And that felt good. I got a kitten, her name is Ash, sweetest, cutest, most adorable, and annoying cat ever. She was six weeks old. Tiny little furball. She is now a year and a pain in my neck. (that I love so much)

Aside from Ash, I was able to create choreography for myself and dance on my time. It felt ok. I didn't like the set routine. I'm not a routine person. Never have been. But creating and taking care of a little kitten really saved me.

I know of a few friends, and close acquaintances that their children couldn't handle not going outside... not being able to see their friends... Doing NOTHING!

This was hard!

It's still hard, figuring out vaccinations, travel, work... The new norm for questioning will always be "Are you vaccinated?"

I do have concerns that this may come back to a full blown shut down! Which makes me worry about my students, their families, the studio... MY FAMILY. There's always a what if now.. I feel more than before. I always plan for everything. Now triple the plans to include a pandemic.

We've gotten thru this before, at least every 100 years there is a serious pandemic, we just happen to be in that next century flow of it.

It'll pass, we just have to give it some time. Stay patient and be safe!

The dance studio opens up October 2, 2021! I am very proud and excited to be in Belleville NJ. Cannot wait to meet everyone at the opening! Click the link below to RSVP to the grand opening!

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